Our Services | Accessories & Worktools

Explore our accessories portfolio with options for a variety of spaces ranging from collaborative workspaces, to the at home private office, to hospitality-based social spaces.

Our portfolio of accessories is designed to help you create spaces that inspire productivity, functionality, and keep you comfortable. Our full range of accessories equips your environment with better organization, a streamlined workflow, and a personal touch.

These tools are especially useful in the workplace, supporting your working style with a versatile set of tools that shape your workspace to your personality. Let everyone in the office personalize their space while maintaining an aesthetically cohesive environment.

  • Carpeting + Flooring
  • Mobile Carts
  • Easels + Whiteboards
  • Privacy Screens
  • Monitor Arms
  • Power Technology
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Our Services | Outdoor

Outdoor design and space solutions for hospitality, social spaces, or working from anywhere.

McGowans has a dedicated team on hand to ensure your outdoor spaces are as beautiful and functional as your indoor spaces with innovative, contemporary outdoor products designed for commercial use.

Through longstanding partnerships with leading outdoor manufacturers like CabanaCoast and STOBAG, we can bring your outdoor project to life whether it’s a restaurant patio, workplace bistro, campus meeting place, community space, or luxury hotel.

Browse our selection of outdoor furniture and accessories at CabanaCoast.com

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Our Services | Architectural Interiors

When it comes to building walls and dividing spaces, McGowans has developed a whole portfolio of solutions that expand what you can do inside your existing space.

Moveable wall systems, freestanding space dividers, frameless glass enclosures, and creative architectural elements interface seamlessly with your base building to give you more control over your space.

Expressive materials help bring your brand to the forefront with space dividing solutions that are just as fun as they are functional.

With options for both fixed and flexible environments, it all adds up to a cost-effective solution that’s so versatile it surpasses conventional construction and can adapt to whatever the future may bring.

  • Moveable Walls
  • Frameless Glass
  • Pergola Workspaces
  • Freestanding Space Dividers
  • Acoustic Solutions
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Our Services | Furniture

Leveraging nearly 50 years of industry experience and our network of partners, we procure, quality check, and specify all the furniture and fixtures for your project.

Our procurement team works closely with clients from sourcing through to purchasing and installation — providing furniture samples, recommendations on finishes, 3D renderings, and transparent costing designed to simplify the process, maximise your budget, and bring best value to your project.

We’ve strategically partnered with leading manufactures like Haworth and Lacasse to develop a unique product catalog that allows for full flexibility in reaching your project goals with products that are on brand, on budget, and on schedule.

We know contract furniture inside and out and would be delighted to walk you through the process of outfitting your next project.

  • Seating
  • Casegoods
  • Paneled Workstations
  • Desking
  • Tables
  • Benching
  • Lounge
  • Storage
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